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Eric StetsonMy name is Eric Stetson, and I'm the founder of The Christian Universalist Association. I would like to share with you the Good News that ALL people are God's children and NO ONE will be left behind!

There is NO burning hell of torture where billions of souls who "sinned too much" or "chose the wrong religion" will suffer forever. Contrary to what most Christians today believe, such a horrible idea was not taught by Jesus and is not found anywhere in the original Hebrew Old Testament or Greek New Testament.

Yes, people do "reap what they sow" (Gal. 6:7). But Jesus Christ will "draw all people" to himself (Jn. 12:32) until "in Christ all will be made alive" (1 Cor. 15:22). That's because "God is love" (1 Jn. 4:8), so God would never abandon anyone to eternal punishment. God has a plan to rescue and transform even those who turned away from truth and goodness in this mortal life. Our Heavenly Father will find every lost sheep and forgive every prodigal son!

Christian Universalism: God's Good News For All PeopleThis uplifting understanding of the Gospel is called Christian Universalism. Other names for it are Universal or Ultimate Reconciliation, the Wider Hope, and the Gospel of Inclusion. Christian Universalism was taught by some of the most respected theologians and leaders in the early church, including St. Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and St. Gregory of Nyssa. It was also taught by some Reformation-era groups, such as the Anabaptists and Moravians. Many Christians from many different denominations are rediscovering Christian Universalism and returning to it today.

If you are interested to learn more and consider the Biblical, theological, philosophical, and historical issues for yourself, I invite you to get a copy of my easy-to-read, information-packed book, Christian Universalism: God's Good News For All People. This book presents detailed scriptural arguments for temporary judgment and universal salvation, written in a way that everyone can understand. It also answers the most common questions people ask who are skeptical of Christian Universalism, and explains how Eternal Damnation came to be the common belief of Christianity despite the universalist teachings of early Christian leaders and saints.

Christian Universalism: God's Good News For All People

by Eric Stetson

144 pages. Published February 2008, Sparkling Bay Books

Are you a Christian who is troubled by the doctrine of eternal hell? Do you wish God could be more loving and forgiving? Do you wish those who die in their sins or unbelief could have another chance at redemption? If so, you owe it to yourself to read Christian Universalism! Your faith will be much stronger and you will understand the true meaning of the Gospel much better than ever before.

You can buy my book from and other online booksellers.

Endorsements by Christian Ministers and Authors (from back cover):

  • "If you have longed for a God whose love will never fail any of us, even when we are at our very worst, you will experience joyful discovery in reading Eric Stetson's book, Christian Universalism: God's Good News For All People. Eric himself has experienced the healing hope of our Heavenly Father's never-failing love, so you will find far more than good-sounding ideas in these pages; your heart will be deeply touched as well."
    -- Charles Slagle, evangelist, former Pentecostal minister, and author of From the Father's Heart, Power to Soar, and Absolute Assurance in Jesus Christ

  • "True to the Bible and the spirit of the early Church, Christian Universalism reclaims Christianity for the millions of people who love Jesus but reject the harsh religion so often preached in his name. In contrast to the fear-based, hell-centered faith of fundamentalist Christianity, this book boldly and clearly proclaims the truly good news -- news of an unconditionally loving God who will eventually lead everyone to the experience of salvation."
    -- Rev. Kalen Fristad, United Methodist pastor and author of Destined For Salvation

  • "A readable and personal introduction to one of the most prevalent views of salvation in the early Church. This highly recommended guide will surely present the truth of God's inclusive love and the ultimate restoration of all creation to a new generation of readers who are eager to hear this hopeful message."
    -- Dr. George Zgourides, psychologist, former priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and author of Fruit of the Spirit: Wisdom from the Apostolic Fathers

  • "This book is a clear, concise, biblically accurate explanation of God's purpose to become all in all. It is approachable by theologian and layman alike. It is an excellent addition to the literature available on Christian Universalism. I highly recommend it!"
    -- G. A. Roach, M.Div., D.Min., independent evangelical pastor and hospital chaplain

  • "Well-written and conversational. The Biblical arguments and reasoning make this book accessible to anyone, even those who do not have a theological background. If you want to find out more about God's universal love and salvation, this is the book to read!"
    -- Rev. Lillie Henley, M.Div., Pastor of Universalist National Memorial Church, Washington, D.C.

Christian Universalism Table of Contents (click links to read excerpts):

  • Introduction

  • Part One -- What the Bible Really Teaches about Sin, Judgment and Salvation

  • Part Two -- Overcoming Objections to Universal Reconciliation
    • The True Meaning of the Cross -- A Deeper Look at Atonement
    • The True Meaning of the Cross -- The Incarnation and Divine Nature
    • The True Meaning of the Cross -- The Significance of the Resurrection
    • Exclusionary Teachings -- The "Narrow Gate" and the Rich Man
    • Exclusionary Teachings -- The "Only Way" and Non-Christians
    • Exclusionary Teachings -- "Born Again" Christians and Unsaved Fanatics
    • No Hell? Party On, Dude!
    • Some Like It Hot: "Choosing" Eternal Hell?
    • To Hell and Back: Visions and Testimonies of the Netherworld
    • Annihilationism: The Halfway Solution
    • The Hitler Conundrum
    • Don't Put Out My Fire: Christian Faith and Evangelism

  • Part Three -- Redefining Christianity: The Burial and Rebirth of the True Gospel
    • The Nature and Essence of God
    • The Sonship of Jesus and All People
    • The Fall and Resurrection of Human Nature
    • Divine Potential of Man Revealed through Christ and the Saints
    • Restoration and Reunion of All Beings -- Life on Earth
    • Restoration and Reunion of All Beings -- No One Excluded
    • Church Fathers Who Taught the True Gospel
    • A Different Gospel: The Rise of Roman Church Tradition
    • Catholicism, Protestantism, and the Crimes of Pseudo-Christianity
    • Revival of Universalism in Modern Times

  • Conclusion
    • Effects of Our Beliefs about Salvation
    • A Hell-Shaped Hole in Our Heart
    • God Drew Me Out of Darkness: A Testimony
    • Numb and Lukewarm Christians, and an Impotent Church
    • The Most Important Choice We Face Today

  • An Invitation

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